One of the essential aims of VISSIN FOUNDATION is also the make children happy. In this regard, the foundation intends to organize a very joyful moment so that these children will share in between them an exciting time together.

Indeed, for this Christmas we’ve planned to celebrate it with the deprived children. This event will be rotating every year in the poor areas or villages in whole Benin. For this edition, we’ve privileged only the children of Abomey-Calavi especially those one from Togoudo. So, the ceremony will occur on the 24 of December, 2018 at Womey the temporary seat of the Foundation.

According to the executive director Mrs. Gloria TEKA VISSIN, Children’s Christmas is initiated to create a festive atmosphere and a rejoicing moment in the heart of more than hundred children. The hierarchies of the Foundation do not want at all the children to stay behind the eight ball the Christmas day. They are supposed to feel at the top of the world in that precious day. That’s why this little ceremony will be organized to make them glad. During this event many entertaining presents will be given to these little one.

The president of the Foundation, Mr. Serge VISSIN, through this project both feet on the ground is actually showing once again his unconstitutional attachment to these innocent souls which deserve absolutely good care and attention.

In addition, several amazing efforts have been recorded by him in term of the improvement of the living conditions of poor people. And all the good actions undertaken are especially based on the well-being and also on the development of children of vulnerable situations.

As one swallow does not make a summer, VISSIN FOUNDATION, is ready to collaborate with any willingness person, any association and any charitable organization in order to succeed this event.

We are heartily accepting any kind of goods in our office.

Let’s make children happy and receive divine blessings.


Translation: Hosséne ADJIBOICHAN

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