EDUCATION+ Project of the VISSIN Foundation: The stage of the meeting of the chief districts of the communes of Porto-Novo, Missérété and Avrankou curly

Also in the process of informing local elected officials about the various activities of the VISSIN Foundation, in particular the current project which focuses on the care of the schooling of destitute children, a delegation of the Foundation was meeting some leaders neighborhoods of the municipalities of Porto-Novo, Missérété and Avrankou.

Launched on August 15, 2018, this mission was led by Legal Counsel Elie Gbedemankou and Wilson Azonnankpo, a volunteer at the Foundation. Indeed, the two emissaries, in the first place, met at the Mayor of Missérété, Jules Houngbo, official said city hall. In their discussions, the delegation first presented the VISSIN Foundation and then the project on how to take charge of the education of poor children. The communal framework, after listening, has endorsed the vision of the Foundation and promised to play its weight for the successful completion of this salutary project. Same reaction from the head district of Lotin Gbèdjèhouin to Avrankou. The latter, answering to the name of Cyprien Hounkpèvi, congratulated the initiative. According to him, these humanitarian actions are crucial to give a smile to children without support. The delegation was grateful for his commitment. At the end of this visit, the delegation headed for Zèbè, a village located in the municipality of Porto-Novo.

On their way down, the emissaries of the Foundation had to discuss with the district head who listened attentively to listen to the presentation of the project. Following this presentation, the local elected representative approved this important project that comes at a time little relieved the pain of parents who are lacking the means to ensure the school expenses of their children. He nevertheless made some remarks. According to him, many of these NGOs in the recent past were in transit to gather information for the purpose of carrying out a similar project, but they never came back. The spokesperson of the delegation, Elie Gbedemankou, taking note of these remarks, reassured the Head Quarter of the credibility of the VISSIN Foundation and promised him a celerity in the actions on behalf of this project.

Overall, the mission was a success because the local elected representatives met all joined the project. It should be noted that at each stage, information sheets have been left at the disposal of the district chiefs for the identification of the children concerned.

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