Once again, the VISSIN Foundation, through its founding President, Serge VISSIN, responded to the call of solidarity that our time demands, this time particularly through the Peulh women of the commune of COBLY, who have benefited each, financial envelope. This Act is part of the experimental phase of its project « EMPOWER WOMAN, STRENGTHEN A HOME ». Such an initiative, to support women in order to strengthen their capital or enable them to start income-generating activities. It has a vision of development at the grassroots. As indicated, it will consist in subsidizing women in precarious situations, almost without activity. For this purpose, the financial assistance granted will be used entirely for the installation of a commercial activity to its beneficiary or to the reinforcement of the existing activity.


It must be remembered, in fact , that the Foundation VISSIN was approached on 08 August 2018 by the national agency of civil protection (ANPC) following the unfortunate events of 12 July 2018 which occurred in the locality of Cobly causing seven (07) dead, about three thousand (3000) displaced, including one thousand six hundred forty-eight (1648) children and thirteen (13) pregnant women.


It is therefore in response to this call for national solidarity that the launching of the pilot phase of this project took place on Wednesday, may 08, 2019 in the commune of COBLY, precisely in the village of Bourepota ‘ ‘ House of peace ‘ ‘, in the Peulh language. In total, the mission will have lasted three (03) days, from 07 to 09 may, under the aegis of the Executive Director of the VISSIN Foundation, Gloria Teka. Her delegation was accompanied, for the occasion, by two executives of the National Agency for civil protection (ANPC), namely the Director of cooperation, Dr. Paul Kassinyin and the head of the North branch of the ANPC, Dr. Alphonse Alomasso.


Before a floor of men as required by tradition in the Peulh cultural area, the Executive Director, with the support of the rest of the delegation, first presented the project to men. In her intervention, she informed the fathers of families that the initiative is to accompany them through their wives by giving them the means to create financial resources to support the different needs, especially those of children. The ANPC Regional North antenna Mr. Alphonse Alimasso, in line with the VISSIN Foundation Executive Director, has emphasised on the benefits of the project. According to him, this project will allow children to be educated and to ensure good health; an opinion shared by the Director of cooperation of the ANPC, Dr. Paul Kassinyin.

The women detained at the end of this exercise were kept on the various activities to be carried out. The sale of rice paste, Cola, Foura, milk, cheese and the marketing of necessities are their choice. Mrs Gloria Teka has therefore taken the necessary steps to provide them with some essential advice for a long-term holding of their activities through the proper use of the aid granted; which will motivate the Foundation to support others. The signing of a grant agreement and the delivery of a financial envelope to each beneficiary marked the end of the activities. The beneficiaries thus retained expressed their gratitude to the VISSIN Foundation and the ANPC for the remarkable gesture and momentum, while promising to make good use of it.


Translation: Akouélé Rolande G. 

Publication Director: Wilfried AGOUNDJEKPO 

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