Fight against breast cancer: VISSIN FOUNDATION urges all the women for a screening

One of the focus area of VISSIN FOUNDATION is health and October month is generally known and dedicated to fight against breast cancer.

Therefore, our foundation has automatically joined those various organizations for a better awareness.

Thus, according to the statistics from the different researches, breast cancer is most frequent cancer about women with more than the third party of the new cases of detected cancer.

Indeed, there are two types of breast Cancer: the non-evasive cancer which develops inside the channels of lactation of the breast and the invasive cancer which affects the fabrics around these channels.

Due to lack of good information, a great part of the female population is considerably vulnerable to this evil that kills silently in Benin Republic.

Facing to this horrible situation, VISSIN FOUNDATION invite all the women for a screening as soon as possible to know the accurate state.

Concerning the treatment of this cancer, several approaches are indicated which are: the hormonal therapy, the chemotherapy, the surgery, the radiotherapy and others that can be efficiently used to relieve the victims of this disease.

We, VISSIN FOUNDATION won’t give up motivating our mothers, our daughters and our sisters to go early for the test.

In doing so, the foundation is actively involved to the society’s welfare.

Despite its early stages in this domain, VISSIN FOUNDATION intends to lead soon some concrete actions in other to support and manage the patients that theirs diagnostics reveal positive.

VISSIN FOUNDATION is tirelessly working on a project to mobilize the professional of healthcare to assure the rightful treatment to these patients detected positive and also with psychological help.

We’ll give the best of us together in synergy so that we will be proud to say from now « zero woman not detected in our houses, cities, campaigns and villages ».

Together, let’s prove to the worldwide that the humanism still exists.

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