According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease affects 325 million people worldwide, resulting in 1.4 million deaths.

before going into the subject, know that there are five (5) types of hepatitis viruses designated by the letters A, B, C, D and E. But, we will talk especially about cases of hepatitis B and C, in this element.

Hepatitis, what is it? it is an infection or serious inflammation of the liver. Now a dead or sick liver is the dead or sick individual.

How is it treated?

Well, you have to go to the hospital or see your doctor.

But before, how do we know if we suffer from it?

It depends on the type of hepatitis you contracted:

1- Hepatitis B

Manifestations or symptoms:

Pain in the abdomen, tiredness, physical discomfort, yellowing of the eyes and skin, nausea or fluid in the abdomen, itching or dark urine, etc.

2- Hepatitis C

manifestations or symptoms:

Same symptoms as hepatitis B, added to belly balancing, fever or loss of appetite, depression or weight loss and bleeding.

Hepatitis, how do we contract it, in general?

Although hepatitis viruses are the most common cause worldwide, other infections, toxic substances such as alcohol or certain drugs, and autoimmune diseases can also be the cause of cases. hepatitis.


if it is true that efforts and reflections are under way to eliminate this evil by the year 2030 ($ 6 billion a year), the fact remains that, in the meantime, everyone is alone in the face of his destiny; it involves special attention to everything we touch or touch us; at everything that comes into us and what we bring into the body of others because prevention is better than cure.
Let us pay attention to ourselves and to others; and,

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Translation: Akouélé Rolande GNIDOKPONOU

Publication Director: Wilfried AGOUNDJEKPO 

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