Improvement of the living conditions of the poorest: The VISSIN Foundation is committed to the empowerment of women

Women, with their considerable potential, are however stuck in their entrepreneurial drive. A situation due to inequalities, injustices, violence and lack of financial support. Taking note of this social dysfunction and the crucial role played by a woman active in a home, the VISSIN Foundation, through its project of financial support to poor women, gives a breath of fresh air to the basket of the housewife and her husband. empowerment. Very aware of the cause, the VISSIN Foundation, through this initiative, would like to promote women of all categories, who are important actors in development. And action of this rank would strengthen the economic prosperity and stability of a society whose core is home.
Such a project can not be the responsibility of a single party. This requires a synergy of actions. This is why the Foundation, through the voice of its president Serge VISSIN, calls upon all people of good will, national and international organizations and associations, to accompany it for the success of this social work. There is no doubt today that the social situation leaves much to be desired. The extreme poverty has practically won all the family units. The daily meal is limited to once a day in the majority of cases encountered. We must therefore act to stop a time is little that scourge that leaves only serious aftermath in its path. Let’s work together, through this project, to create a moment of happiness in the lives of these women, our mothers, our sisters  who do not ask that this push to promote their skills as a creator of wealth. Do not be indifferent to this call. Let’s make our contribution no matter what it is.


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