Launch of the second phase of the EDUCATION + Project

Initiated to take charge of the schooling of destitute children, the VISSIN Foundation’s EDUCATION + Project is already in its second active phase. Indeed, since September 4, 2018 several delegations of our foundation are on mission in the departments selected for the execution of this project.

During their tours, our emissaries will have to collect the information sheets left previously available to local elected representatives. Also, will they make contact with the parents or guardians of the children benefiting from this care. Already, the first mission for this phase of the project was effective in Bohicon. In total, there are a dozen children whose tuition fees will be covered this year and the years to come by the VISSIN Foundation. However, there are dozens more waiting and deserving of support.

This is why the VISSIN Foundation is appealing to all people of goodwill, to any organization and association of social work to sponsor the children selected for this project. These innocent souls embody the future of an entire nation, better, the hope of humanity; and to fly to their aid, as Pythagoras said, is an act which can only grow whoever lends itself to it. And, to Albert Schweitzer to increase in these terms: « The one to whom the suffering is spared must feel called to relieve that of the others ».

So your donations of any kind are expected to support the education of the weakest links, orphans and destitute of our cities and countryside. This sponsorship will take into account, school supplies, tuition and many more .

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