The concern for dynamism and credibility in the operation continues to make the President of the VISSIN Foundation act. Indeed, he has just rallied to the cause two employees with well-built profiles. These are Ms. Valérie DARI as Administrative and Financial Director (DAF) and Mr. Charles TCHEDE as Special Advisor to the President in Monitoring and Evaluation and Strategic Actions.

According to the defined charges, Mrs. Valérie DARI will have tasks among others: the co-signing of financial agreements, the management of human resources, the control of the regularity of financial operations and the preparation of financial reports. A zoom on his career reveals that the new DAF holds a Master in Marketing and Communication. Currently serving with the Sales and Customer Department of the Beninese Electricity and Water Company (SBEE), she had to exercise her skills respectively at the Benin Post Office, ROCHE and the Port of Cotonou.

With regard to Mr. Charles TCHEDE, as indicated above, he is the Special Advisor to the President of the Foundation and will play a consultative role in terms of monitoring / evaluation and strategic actions for even more convincing results. Man is a Technical Statistics Officer, Project Management Administrator and Development Economist, holds a Specialized Higher Education Diploma in Project Management, a Diploma in Statistics and a Master’s Degree in Economics . It should be pointed out that the new employee, a tenant of the Paris neighborhoods where he has been living for a long time, has shown his know-how in several structures and organizations such as BORNEFONDEN (Danish organization), the National Agency for Youth Employment , the Departmental Direction of Prospective and Development, and the BAVEC Microfinance structure, to name just a few.

These two employees espousing the Foundation’s noble mission in the service of the poorest, have shown their determination to achieve its objectives.

In addition, it should be noted that the executive team of the Foundation has undergone a small technical reworking. Indeed, the former Administrative Secretary, Mr. Elisée TCHIBOZO changes his jacket and is now the Special Advisor of the President and Project Manager to the executive team.

We wish them every welcome and success in their respective tasks, for a better humanitarian service to orphans, widows, the afflicted, the Man, quite simply.

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