Water, celebrated every March 22, is the most vital element on earth. Unfortunately, this indispensable resource is not available to everyone. Water makes up about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, but only 0.7 percent of this is available to humans as groundwater, rivers, lakes and streams. People in remote areas, especially in desert environments, often struggle to obtain safe drinking water.
In Africa, particularly in Benin, much work remains to be done to make drinking water available to rural populations. The theme of World Water Day 2019, “Leaving no one behind,” is illustrative of the social challenge of water. Decisionmakers understand the urgency of building infrastructures to allow everyone access to clean drinking water, free of water-borne diseases. Children under five are especially susceptible to death from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water.
This is why the VISSIN Foundation, like other humanitarian organizations, suggests that the right to clean water should be recognized as a universal right in legal and regulatory frameworks. It invites the government, technical and financial partners, and social and humanitarian organizations to improve the situation by carrying out actions to provide the isolated layers of society with infrastructures, such as boreholes, for access to healthy drinking water.

Translation: Akouélé Rolande G. & Djaouga Abdoulaye 

Publication Director: Wilfried AGOUNDJEKPO 

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