Climate change is now recognized as one of the major threats to species survival and ecosystem integrity around the world. Actions are urgently needed to save the world from the chaos that lies before it. According to projections, 20 to 30 percent of plant and animal species will face a greater risk of extinction if global warming exceeds 1.5° to 2.5° C worldwide. In this context, several scientific studies report an increase in average temperature, a greater variability in rainfall and increased extreme risks such as floods, heat and droughts. In addition to these threats, projections include fires in protected areas, food shortages for hundreds of millions of people all over the world, and the disappearance of some coastal cities because of the sea’s progress. The current situation in Benin challenges everyone to daily actions. The municipality of Grand-Popo is a clear case. It is threatened to disappear because of the rise of the sea in this coastal zone. As humans are responsible for the current climate change, every citizen must be aware of the situation. The world needs rapid, profound and unprecedented change in all aspects of society. Every citizen of Benin has an important role to accelerate and intensify actions to preserve the world for future generations. To do this, it is important to adopt resolutions to rebalance the natural order of the climate. These resolutions include: the use of mild means of transportation such as walking and cycling; a circular economy based on the 3R technique (reduce-recycle-reuse); the production of less waste by focusing on the purchase of bulk or unpackaged products; the reduction of energy consumption; the use of clean energy from renewable resources to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions; the preservation of the oceans; the fight against deforestation; the reduction of meat consumption, to name just a few. The fight against climate change requires a strong commitment from all, especially youth, to make a large enough impact on the environment.

Translation: Akouélé Rolande G. & Djaouga Abdoulaye 

French version: Moustapha A. Kolawole (Contributor) 

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