In record time, the VISSIN Foundation, which works in the social and humanitarian fields, has made feats of initiative. In just a few months of fiscal year 2018, several important projects and some actions have been initiated and implemented by the organization.

Indeed, aware of the enormous difficulties that many families are experiencing in our cities and countryside on the one hand and on the other hand that our rulers alone can not counter the waves of poverty in general and education in particular, the VISSIN Foundation throughits President, in the person of Serge VISSIN, initiated the EDUCATION + project to take charge of schooling for children from the poorest strata. This project whose experimental phase was launched in September 2018, took into account about 50 children considered as specific cases and who come from the municipalities of Abomey-Calavi, Missérété, Porto-Novo, Abomey and of Parakou. Financially supported on a clean basis for the beginning, the beneficiaries of this project will be followed over a period of seven (07) years, until obtaining their Certificate of Primary Study (CEP). Several hundred other selected children are waiting for sponsorship.

Always in this same dynamism, the President of the VISSIN Foundation, once again, listened to his instinct of solidarity by launching the « Children’s Christmas » project. This initiative allowed to share a moment of happiness with more than two hundred children, on December 24, 2018 at the temporary headquarters of the Foundation located in Womey. In doing so, President Serge VISSIN has demonstrated his unreserved commitment to improving the living conditions of children in precarious situations. Thanks to his generosity, the children selected for the occasion were able to benefit from toys, clothes, meals and refreshments.

These multiple actions, by the Foundation through its President, seduced several partners who, measuring their merits, rallied to the cause. Thus, thanks to the leadership of the President, several partnership agreements have been signed for the happiness of the populations in general and users of the VISSIN Foundation, in particular. This is reflected in the recently launched professional integration project, which includes free training grants in sewing, layette, hairdressing, catering and many others, thanks to one of the Foundation’s choice partners, the company  « FASHION » by Mrs. Alinnindji Idayatou.

Many other technical and financial partners are announced in the coming days to join the great wave of those who work for peace, happiness, joy and well-being in the world; everything that the VISSIN Foundation needs for the realization of thesevarious projects including: « Clean City » for the hygiene of our cities and countryside, « Woman fulfilled, consolidated home » for the empowerment of poor women, a project that will be launched very soon, and many more.
on the whole, we can say that the fruits have kept the promise of flowers and that the VISSIN Foundation remains faithful to its first commitment, that of helping to eliminate from Africa in general and from Benin in particular misery, poverty, illiteracy and their corollaries. With the urgency of the huge task, the VISSIN Foundation is taking advantage of this channel and is launching a strong appeal to national and international organizations, associations and all people of good will to support its actions and projects.
It is conscious of the fact that unity is strength, that we say:
« VISSIN Foundation, together for the best, ever further ».


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