Why Working for the Social Well-Being?

A changing world with social inequalities, where more and more the poor are abandoned to their fate, worries more than one. The observation shows humanity in loss of intrinsic values, the most important of which is solidarity. A human value which comes to consolidates the social cohesion, especially the development of the most deprived people.
In cities as in the countryside, the precarious living conditions of the populations require social actions. The effectiveness of these actions is the work of the rulers, the organizations and the people having at heart the well-being of all. Of course, they will help the most vulnerable people or groups to live better, to acquire or to preserve their autonomy and to adapt to the surrounding social environment. In line with this logic, the VISSIN Foundation contributes tirelessly to improving the living conditions of the underprivileged. It works for the development of women through the subsidy of income-generating activities, schooling of poor children; healthy and balanced diet for all; the protection of the environment; hygiene and seasoning; health and the availability of drinking water for all. The success of the initiatives in these different areas of intervention requires a synergy of actions, technical and financial support from all. In doing so, it is to guarantee a sufficient happiness to those who are in need.

Translation: Akouélé Rolande G. & Djaouga Abdoulaye 

Publication Director: Wilfried AGOUNDJEKPO 

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