Words from the president


In the first place, I would like to bear witness to the endless love and mercy without end of the three times the Holy One, the Almighty, Father of all that is and all that is not, to me. All my soul magnifies His Holy Name and my life, forever, is dedicated to Him. Without Him, this jewel that I present to you today could not have been born.

When I return to earth among my own, I am pleased to thank those who have been used by the Lord to make this masterpiece tangible. My thoughts go especially to my parents, Mrs. AHLONSOU Marthe, my mother, Mr. SOMAGNAVO Mr. Alphonse, my father, my beloved wife, my children and the whole family SOMAGNAVO VISSIN. Without them, I will not be. My warm words, I also address them to all the technical staff having greatly and wonderfully contributed to this building. I especially think of all the staff of the agency « MIROIR DU BENIN », especially through its General Director, Mr Folly KUEGAH-CHOUCHOUDA, who, from the first days of this initiative, took it upon himself to contribute to its edification; thank you dear friend for the work, oh so remarkable of the realization of this site. Also, I send my sincere thanks to the designer of the logo of the Foundation, Mr. Sylvanos De-Souza, General Manager of « GAFASS ».

I would also like to make a special wink to my second adoptive family, BALOGOUN family, especially to my brother and friend Romain BALOGOUN. A family, that does not replace itself; a good friend either. I do not forget all my friends, brothers and sisters from Benin, France, Canada and the United States. To each and everyone i address my warm and warm words of gratitude.

Finally, I would like to tell you that the VISSIN Foundation is your Foundation; a way for all to relearn the march towards our sources, towards our values, especially those of fraternity, solidarity, peace and love. The evil that shakes our world and our time, no one can heal it except GOD Himself; however, while waiting for this day, we can, as in the past, take upon ourselves the peace of the world, that is to say, to be ourselves, simply to be HUMAN. In other words, it means treating oneself with respect and treating one’s fellow man in the same way. Love and common sense are what we miss nowadays. All things that the VISSIN Foundation, with humility and patience will strive to inculcate in all, including the younger generation. We do not claim to carry the cross of the world; we just want to lighten it. But for that, we will need you, we will need all. Together, let’s go back to our most sacred values of yore. The VISSIN Foundation is the answer of a family to the questions that its time imposes on it. It will stand out from all others by its nature, its operation and its mode of action.

Each time, as much as possible, we will respond to the call for the help of a soul, to the extent of our means and the means you put at our disposal, for a happier, more beautiful and more peaceful world.

So together for the best, always further!


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