Working visit of the VISSIN Foundation to the « ONG ADEFOB »: An initiative within the framework of a future partnership

In a spirit of courtesy, the VISSIN Foundation paid a working visit to the headquarters of the  »ONG ADEFOB » (Association for the Development of Grassroots Football) in Bohicon, on Friday, August 10, 2018. This visit is part of as part of a partnership between the VISSIN Foundation and the  »ONG ADEFOB ». The emissaries composed of the Administrative Secretary Elisée Tchibozo and the Legal Adviser Elie J. Gbedemakou, were received by the President of the  »ONG ADEFOB » who has given them a very friendly welcome at the hotel  » Les Princes  » of Bohicon. Then under the leadership of President Jonas Lucien Gandogonon, the delegation began a visit to observe the various facilities of the  »ONG ADEFOB ». According to the spokesperson of the delegation, Elie J. Gbedemakou, the various infrastructures visited bear witness to the common vision of the two organizations working in the social and humanitarian fields. Indeed, the NGO has a football training center, another hotel, catering and tourism, as well as a football field. And most of the residents of these centers are supported entirely or partially by the NGO, an aspect of social work that it would like to perpetuate through this partnership with the VISSIN Foundation. According to the President of the ADEFOB, the contribution of the VISSIN Foundation to the care of these young people, will save them from the claws of precariousness. A wish that the delegation promised to convey to the Foundation’s management team for a comprehensive study.

In addition to the prospect of partnership, the President of the  »ONG ADEFOB » has set expectations for the VISSIN Foundation. He wants the Foundation to support him through donations of sports kits, video projectors, laptops needed for the training of young people. The delegation through the voice of its spokesperson, took note of expectations and appreciated the value of the activities carried out by the  »ONG ADEFOB ». For Elie J. Gbedemakou, the actions carried out by the said NGO go beyond its name. Which seduces him much more.

It should be noted that this visit follows the recent one made by the president of the  »ONG ADEFOB », Jonas L. Gandogonon, accompanied by his collaborators, on the premises of the VISSIN Foundation in order to become acquainted with these different activities and fields of activity. actions.

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