Our commitment with vulnerable populations always remains a top priority. Education being one of our priority areas of action, since 2018 we have covered costs of the entire primary education for more than fifty deprived children in several districts of Benin. In view of the increasingly growing demands and the urgency of this salutary support for the benefit of these underprivileged families on behalf of the coming school year, we need your support more than ever. We launch a vibrant appeal to anyone of good will, to organizations, to small and medium businesses and others, to support our EDUCATION + project. Show your generosity depending on your means. We accept any donation whether in kind (school supplies, book, bags, etc.) or in cash.

Through this donation campaign, we are creating a channel to allow everyone to bring a little more love, a little more interest to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. So let your heart speak. Take action for education for all. The VISSIN Foundation will not forget you.

For all your donations, you can reach us at +229 94 20 57 17 or contact us via our website: or write to us at the email address

With the VISSIN Foundation, let’s work together to guarantee a better future for our children.

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