Nobody remains untouched by the ongoing world health crisis. Mobilizations are still underway to stem the coronavirus (COVID-19) which continues to claim lives. The VISSIN Foundation is not unmoved by the duty of solidarity demanded by current times. Its objective being to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the most needy, it’s getting ready to support the vulnerable populations to better protect themselves against the epidemic of coronavirus. While waiting for our actions ahead, we take advantage of the ‘’ World Hand Hygiene Day » to remind you of the barrier actions recommended by health and government authorities.

To protect yourself, it is essential to:

– Wash your hands regularly with soap or use a hydroalcoholic solution;

– Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing;

– Hide the nose and mouth using a facial mask;

– Limit travel;

– Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes with your hands;

– Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow or into a disposable handkerchief;

– Adopt a social distance of 1 meter;

– Report to the authorities in the event of illness;

– Respect the measures taken by the government.

Compliance with these measures will prevent us from falling ill and will also prevent the spread of COVID-19. Do like the VISSIN Foundation by educating your loved ones. This is for everyone’s safety.

Translation: Akouélé Rolande GNIDOKPONOU

Publication Director: Wilfried AGOUNDJEKPO 

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